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Accountancy used to be the base for everything staid, colourless and boring. But they now work remotely, on the books of businesses hosted somewhere, drafted by bookkeepers working at home from information fed into them from offices all over the world.

It is an industry that has changed. Working environments that are continually changing.

Similarly, in theory, anyone can set up their own web hosting service.  Even without knowing the first thing about the industry. Without knowing what they are doing or why. An overnight start up. One that needs no staff, minimal overheads, no stress. An opportunity that is run from home in whatever spare time is available, simply by outsourcing and contracting in, all the complicated bits.

Which is what we do. We show you how.

We mentor our clients. Show you how to build a hosting business and more importantly why you want to participate, to help us build a virtual, word of mouth marketing platform.

A simple people based resource in a digital world that facilitates the exchange of skills and know how. A platform that will drive all the traffic we need to get all the different sites we build, to work.

None of this is complicated. All it requires is common sense, a bit of imagination and the will to explore .

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